The Losers Cirque Company (Česko): Loser´s

25.6.2016 o 8:00 p.m.
Ticket price: EUR 17
Big Top – Medická záhrada – Festival Cirkul'art

Life brings victories and defeats – reflecting the feelings of both men and women in a world of stereotypes, learnt behaviour patterns, inner existence, and life as a partner. Men and women - together yet alone in today’s fast-paced society. Where women's emancipation and men's ego search out borders while seeking to avoid the fate of those at society’s fringes – the losers.
This mise-en-scène was inspired by Osudový tieň (Fated Shadow) - an unobtrusive poem that briefly tells of a relationship where one loved more than the other. Testosterone, a fateful woman, and her alter ego. A mix of live music, beatbox by En.Dru, a detached view, contemporary dance and mesmerising hand-to-hand acrobatics.
Following the overwhelming success of Loser(s) at the Cirkul'art Festival 2015, for the first time ever – and after numerous requests - we have invited the guys back to this year’s festival!


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