Visegrad Workshop Zone at Cirkul´art 2019

The Festival of Contemporary Circus – Cirkul´art 2019 will host the Visegrad Workshop Zone as part of a partnership with the Visegrad Fund and partners from six countries. The project aims to improve fine motor-skills, tackle low physical activity of children and youth and increase the interest in theatre and contemporary art. At the same time the project will build up knowledge and awareness of the common Visegrad identity and network artists from all four the Visegrad countries and guests from Serbia and Croatia.

The Visegrad Worshop Zone will host a series of motor-skills workshops with lectors and trainers from Czechia, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Croatia and Serbia (approx. 18 hours of workshops with some activities open during all three days. The modules will include: fine motor-skills, balance, object manipulation, juggling, puppetry (creating puppets and playing/acting), handicrafts, basic acrobatics, children parkour, acting / stage presence and similar. The ultimate goal of the activity is to develop fine-motor-skills (and more complex ones for older children/youth), increase the interest of children and youth in theater. - raise awareness on common identity across the Visegrad countries (identifying commonalities in culture, arts, cuisine, etc.). The workshop will be an innovative platform for interaction with lectors from different countries (CZE, HUN, POL, SVK, CRO, SRB) and the audience. The non-verbal character of the contemporary circus (combining theater with circus arts) is ideal to demonstrate ways of cooperation without a common language. Lectors will take children and youth through the workshops and train them without actually speaking the same language. This will prove that cooperation goes beyond languages and cultures.

Beyond interaction with the lectors the project will strengthen the common Visegrad identity via “Build your own Visegrad” game. In cooperation with a local painter Peter Stankovic, an original illustrated map for children will be created. The map will demonstrate common culture and regions crossing the state borders of the Visegrad countries. The map will be available in a form of a XXL puzzle, which will be played during the festival as well as small puzzles to be taken home as a souvenir. Last but not least, a flyer with additional information about the Visegrad region and the Visegrad Fund will be promoted at the project.

Project is realized with support of:

vysegrad fundn
vysegrad fundn